“NRM grooms strong People in our area” Oyam North Aspirant Moto


Ambassador Julius Peter Moto, an aspirant for Oyam North County, has stated that while Oyam has produced strong people in the NRM party, he is the one who is more qualified for the parliamentary seat.

Ambassador Moto was addressing on Saturday afternoon at his residence in Awaka Acaba Sub County, Oyam District, during the launch of a consultation meeting with NRM party leaders.

Moto stated that if just one party can field 10 candidates for the primary election, it demonstrates that the party is comprised of strong individuals who can propel the party forward even if President Museveni decides to leave from politics.

“We have ten people who have expressed interest in vying for this position, which means that we have groomed strong people at NRM; if only I had expressed interest, it would imply that NRM does not have a strong team, but I am the one who is more competent for the position; we need strong and competent people, not just strong people.” Moto stated

He went on to say that, despite strong candidates for the NRM flag bearer in the Oyam North by-election, he is the only one who is more capable since his relationship with the party in government is the finest.

The ambassador stated that his top aim is to improve health and education, which have been lacking in recent years.

He stated that his objective is to advocate for jobs for individuals who will not be able to work.

“Ever since all of these MPs have been in power, they have not upgraded Oyam Health Center IV to a district hospital, our children have gone to school and they are doctors, they can also work here, even schools like Ngai SS are in sorry state much as the government has tried but they need to add more on this school so that we can improve on performance,” Ambassador added.

According to Jaspher Angela, the NRM chairwoman for Oyam, voters should consider more than just money while casting their ballots.

“We are not voting money but strong people we should open our eyes and desist from taking bribe as NRM party we don’t advocate for that when some one comes with money just eat and vote the rightful person, this by-election will not be easy it will attract people like Bobi Wine, Oboi Amuriat Kizza Besigye among others so be on the lookout” Angela stated

Martin Abila Okello, the NRM vice chairperson for Oyam District, stated that the party flag bearer will be elected at the electoral college policy, where the secretary general and the NRM chairperson electoral commission will all be present.

“This time, unlike in the past, we will vote on electoral college policy with only leaders voting.” We will first talk to these folks, and if they do not agree, we will hold elections,” Abila remarked.

Mzee Alphonse Onyata, an 86-year-old former army officer, thanked Ambassador Moto for assisting him in obtaining his pension, which he had been unable to obtain for a long time.

So far, 11 candidates have expressed interest in replacing the late Charles Okello Engola as MP for Oyam North, with one from the UPC and ten from the NRM.

The National Resistance Movement has scheduled June 19, 2023 as the date for the election of the NRM flag bearer.