Ober residents close dilapidated road, accuse leaders of negligence


The Ober Kampala neighborhood in Lira City’s West Division has blocked the road leading to the closest health center in protest at the city’s leaders’ neglect of the route, which endangers the lives of other road users.

This publication visited the road and discovered that water had crossed it, and some road users had begun utilizing a different route since the first one was impassable.

Okullo Abiau, Ober Kampala cell chairperson LCI, claimed that there was no way to prevent the community from obstructing these routes despite their efforts to persuade the municipal government to do so.

He claimed that numerous individuals have been injured in accidents on these roads, and numerous pregnant women have suffered when it is time for childbirth.

He claimed that since they no longer wanted to utilize the road and would rather transform it into a garden; planting bananas there would be a better solution.

The terrible roads, according to several Boda-Boda who spoke to this website, have caused them to fail in all aspects of their daily operations.

According to Ober Kampala resident Allan Okello, the city leaders moved half a trip of stone while pretending to be working on the road after receiving a tip that they would block when the leaders were scheduled to have community engagement on Wednesday, July 5, 2023. 

When contacted, Sam Atul, the mayor of Lira, stated they were planning to work on the road and had already begun transporting marrum to specific locations on the route.

Although the city engineer claimed in April of last year that the work had begun, these roads have never received any maintenance.

Lira City received more than 800 million in the most recent fiscal year, or 87% of the total amount budgeted for roads in the previous fiscal year 2022/2023.

This newspaper will continue to look into where the money might have gone as well as how it was used and reported.