Oyam woman MP donates labor equipments following surge in demand


Health experts in Oyam has expressed fear that continuous demand of mama kits and basins at different health facilities will continue to demoralized community from getting labor services from the health facilities.

This was revealed by the in charge of Atipe health center three by Dr. Richard Olal who said there are so many things that are needed by health facilities that the poor community cannot afford and this has forced them to give birth from homes.

He fears that if the government failed to provide this equipment for the poor families then the community will also continue to desist going to health centers for labor.

“We have continue to register a low number of patients coming for labor attention I think it is because they can’t afford what is required of them by the health center the government is not bringing this things but it is a requirement” Olal outlined.    

Chris Ongom councilor representing Acaba Sub County to the district council of Oyam said the cost of buying mama kit and basin is very high but it is one of the requirement for labor in the health facilities.

Santa Alum Ogwang,Oyam District woman member of parliament said that this is part of her pledge that  she made during the monitoring of health facilities in the district.

Alum said that this is her first time to distribute this mama kits and basins for the people and it was demanded from Atipe health center three and that’s why she decided to launch the initiative in that health center.

“During the monitoring of health facilities I promised to bring for you mama kits and basins this is part of my pledge for you people, this is where the request was tabled that’s why I decided to start with this place” Said Alum

She asked the community to always seek for medical attention whenever they feel uncomfortable and test their blood regularly to know their status for them have a good health.

Reverend Robert Elai the parish priest of Dog-apio parish and also the chairperson board of Atipe health center three applauded the initiative set by the woman Mp saying it will help the poor families to get better health care.

In a function that was held on Saturday 12th/Aug/2023 at Atipe health center, Over 70 pregnant women benefited from the program where each pregnant woman went with a mama kit and a basin.