PICTORIAL: Nyakibale Hospital community holds mega end of year party, Rukungiri RDC urges them to serve diligently


In an effort to be remembered when they are gone, employees have been exhorted to constantly provide value and make changes to their workplaces.

The Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Mr. Nsubuga Bewayo Stephen, made the appeal while serving as a chief guest at Kalori Lwanga Nyakibale Hospital Community’s annual celebrations in Rukungiri municipality’s southern division.

Employees from the Nyakibale Hospital and School of Nursing, together with their spouses, attended the event.

After a mega lunch, RDC Bewayo addressed them and challenged them to constantly serve with all of their hearts and to make contributions to the advancement of their workplace since doing so will enable them to receive blessings from God.

Bewayo urged healthcare professionals to cultivate the practice of saving culture, irrespective of their financial status, as it will contribute to their personal growth.

He went on to say that because this will be their retirement package in the future, they should establish side ventures that generate revenue.

Cue in…………RDC RUKUNGIRI…………….

The medical superintendent of Kalori Lwanga Nyakibale hospital, Dr. Lema Felix Adriko, praised all parties involved, beginning with the NRM government led by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa, for maintaining peace and providing anonymous financial support, particularly the Primary Health Care grant that helps the hospital.

In addition, Dr. Adriko thanked the support staff and board of governors for their tremendous contributions to the hospital’s success and urged them to continue their outstanding work in the same spirit.

He gave a summary of the data from the previous year, which showed that, among other things, the maternity unit saw 1,041 births and 6580 admissions during the whole year, showing that they performed admirably for the Ugandans.

The principal of the Karoli Lwanga School of Nursing and Midwifery in Nyakibale, Sr. Florence Birungi urged staff members to be devoted to their profession and committed to serving the country since doing so will assist to exalt God’s name.

Birungi urged participants to pool their ideas in order to improve Nyakibale Hospital.