Police officer turned motivational speaker


A police officer in Kabarole district attached to Hakibale police post has turned to an inspirational and movitational speaker. 

AIP Apollo Muhindo is the incharge Hakibale police post who feels his community needs vital talks to address the increasing rates of domestic violence, sucide, defileent cases amoong others since there is no moral amngst the young and adults.

” i provide talk to both the youth and adults and key note addresses to conferences whenever i get a chance in public annd through all social media handles. In my talks, i share stories and invaluable lessons learned from the front line of law enforcement and relate themm to the audience ia speaking to” says Afande Muhindo.

AIP Muhindo explains that the public and its people no longer have cultural and spiritual morals that has led many to commit sucide with no one to comfort the other.

” My aim is to inspire and educate the audience. Drawing from my rich experiences, my talks delve into principles of stress management, resilience building, mental toughness, leadership, and effective teamwork” he expresses.

Afande Mmuhindo adds that while executing his work as a police officer, he witnessed very traumatic incidents which inspired him to motivate others in similar situations or facing the same on how to encounter and succeed.

” My experience as a front-line police officer has provided me with valuable insights into the importance of community policing and how to overcome incedents of domestic violence, Sucide, relatiionships and stress” adds Muhindo

 “As a trained officer, I am passionate about helping others in their times of crisis. My passion in creating happier lives and my experiences as a police officer have given me a unique perspective on life. I have been a vocal advocate for breaking down the stigma surrounding violences and encourage others to speak up about their struggles and to always choose happiness in their lives.” Emphasizes Muhindo.

Worst experience

Afande Muhindo says even when he does his best to change community perceptions , some belivee him to be a witch doctor because he fights the belief of traditional medicines since he is beliver and a christian thoughin uniform. 

Muhindo has served in Uganda police for the last 28years and started his motivation journey with contemporary issues through face book that rated him as a raising creator with 20% influence to society and encourage people to like his  coontent as concept of positivity on all his social handles.