RUKUNGIRI! Buhunga’s accident victim slowly rots to death due to lack medical funds, seeks help


Due to a lack of funding for medical care after the fatal boda boda accident that happened last year, Arinitwe Pankarasio is slowly rotting to death.

Currently stranded at Kitagata Hospital in Sheema district, the 40-year-old is a native of Rwakiriba Village, Buhunga Parish, Buhunga Sub County, in Rukungiri district.

According to the information obtained by our reporter from the victim’s wife, Mrs. Kyompire Sophia, the accident occurred in February 2023 when he was moving on a motorcycle as the passenger.

After the accident, the patient was admitted at Kalori Lwanga Hospital Nyakibale and later referred to Mbarara Regional Refferal Hospital to receive treatment for multiple trauma and traumatic head injuries in the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU).

Since then, according to Kyompire, her husband’s circumstances haven’t improved, so they chose to try a different Kitagata hospital.

She went on to say that they overspent on medications, selling their pets and a tiny plot of land to pay for her husband’s prescription drugs, but recovery was all in vain.

According to Kyompire, she has reached a point where she is unable to provide her spouse a healthy dinner or even purchase him medicine.

She said that although she and her spouse were fortunate to have four children, they do not now send their kids to school since they cannot afford the school fees.

Kyompire said that her husband was operating a shop in their local trading center at the time of the tragedy in February of last year, but the shop has since closed.

“My husband spends day and night lying like this. He cannot walk, talk or sit for over a year now”. Kyompire said.

In order to ensure her husband’s survival, Kyompire requests well-wishers to lend their assistance.

Her husband is now developing large wounds on both sides of his buttocks, which suggests that he may not heal as quickly as feasible if left unsupported.

Cue in…………WIFE TO VICTIM……………

The victim’s sister, Kobusingye Cledonia, described how she traveled from her hometown to take care of her brother, but they are presently having difficulty affording all the essentials for their patient’s treatment.

In order for their patient to live, Kobusingye is now pleading with the Rukungiri district leadership, including their area MP Rujumbura Constituency, Hon. Maj. Gen. Jim Katugugu Muhwezi, the Rukungiri district woman MP, Hon. Midius Natukunda Kaharata, and other well-wishers to support them such that their patient can survive.

Cue in………..CLEDONIA………..

According to Kitagata Hospital’s Medical Superintendent, Dr. John Kabwishwa, the patient urgently requires assistance and care in order to survive.

In addition, Kabwishwa said that Pankarasio will recover if he receives treatment, pleading with well-wishers to help preserve his life.


Dr. John Kabwishwa went on to say that in order to prevent losing their life in the event of an accident, boda boda operators should always wear protective gear.


Any well-wisher can support the family via telephone number 0764352072 in the names of Kobusingye Kerodonia.