RUKUNGIRI! Hon. Frank Rukanirwa supports residents to repair dilapidated Ncweera Rwenshama road


Residents of Rwenshama Parish in Bwambara Sub County Rukungiri district spent a good part of Monday this week repairing their road that has been in poor state for over six years.

The improvement occurred as a result of locals, headed by the boda boda riders in the area, contacting Hon. Arinitwe Frank Rukanirwa Salongo and asking for his assistance in repairing the aforementioned, run-down route.

Speaking with our reporter yesterday Tuesday, Bagorogoza Wilson, Tukamuhabwa Ketty, and Muhwezi Amos, some of the residents said that there were significant potholes on the road leading from the River Ncweera to Rwenshama Land Fishing Site that were potentially dangerous for human safety.

The locals began unclogging the road’s trenches, filling up potholes with gravel, and trimming the shrubs on Monday after going with pangas, slashers, and hoes.

They said that a sizable pothole that filled with water appeared close to Fish Landing Site and this served as a mosquito breeding ground and increasing danger of people contracting waterborne illnesses.

According to Tukamuhabwa Ketty, it hurts so much to discover that even though they pay taxes, they are not given better roads in their own country and are instead treated like outsiders.

Residents said that after receiving no response to their complaints, they were compelled to speak with Hon. Frank Rukanirwa, a fellow resident who had donated more than Ugx. 2 million during communal work (Burungyi Bwansi).

According to Bagorogoza Wilson, he answered the call for self-help after recognizing that they are the ones who suffer the most when the road is in bad condition since it raises the expense of transporting their fishing products.


Nuwagaba Kenneth the chairperson of LC2 Rwenshama Parish and Ahimbisibwe Amzan, the speaker of Bwambara Sub County informed our reporter that, over five years ago, they had repeatedly contacted various offices as leaders to inquire about the condition of the stretch of road near Rwenshama Fish Landing Site, but to no avail.

They claim that as a result, residents were left with no choice but to rely on self-help because no office was able to assist them, despite the fact that the areas most impacted were those where they carry out fishing activities.

In order to repair their road themselves, Ahimbisibwe Amzan disclosed that they started searching for gravel from well-wishers and other residents.

They thanked Hon. Frank Rukanirwa for his significant contribution, which helped to address their problem.

Cue in…….AREA LEADERS………

Arinitwe Frank Rukanirwa, a resident of Bwambara who helped the people of Rwenshama to fix their road, told our reporter that these people had called him, telling him that they were in danger of dying because of potholes that had developed in their retain water, which may later become toxic to them.

According to Arinaitwe, he felt compelled to step in and fill all the potholes with marram in order to save the lives of the locals.


He went on to say that the people who entrusted the Rukungiri district leadership with their votes did so with the understanding that their issues would be resolved, thus they should constantly address the concerns of the people.


The Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) had already sent out its trucks to fix the whole road from River Ncweera to the Rwenshama Fish Landing Site by the time we covered the story.