RUKUNGIRI! “Lack of computer knowledge by Parish chiefs delays PDM funds disbursement” RDC


Lack of computer knowledge specifically on data entry has delayed the disbursement of Parish Development Model (PDM) funds to the beneficiaries in Rukungiri district.

Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Nsubuga Bewayo Stephen acknowledged the news in an exclusive discussion about the district’s PDM program’s advancement with our correspondent from his office.

Concerns have been raised when PDM recipients ask for an explanation for the reason for the cash’ delayed disbursement.

In response to queries from the public raised by our reporter, RDC Nsubuga revealed that the problem is not with the district that it delayed disbursement of PDM funds but it is with Parish Chiefs who lack computer knowledge.

Nsubuga stated that in order for the government to distribute PDM funds in the second quarter, they made the decision to employ a system to enter each beneficiary’s data and grant them access to the cash.

In the first quarter, when most people received PDM cash from several SACCOs and those that weren’t intended for recipients such as government personnels, he stated this would lessen the amount of forgeries committed during payment.

RDC Nsubuga however apologized to the public for the delay disbursement of PDM funds adding that they are going to start disburse funds to SACCO accounts where Parish chiefs are computer compliance as they train others.

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In the meanwhile, RDC Nsubuga strongly cautioned participants in the Parish Development Model Program from approaching people for money before determining their true needs.

He adds that all procedures involved in accessing PDM funds were paid for, thus, nobody should demand any single coin from the beneficiaries for any service towards the cause, reminding people that Parish Chiefs are paid their monthly salary for the services they render to the government.

Since the act is unlawful in nature, Nsubuga urges the PDM intended recipients to report such individuals to higher authorities so that legal action may be taken.

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The PDM initiative was introduced by President Yoweri Museveni in February 2022. For five years, each parish is expected to get Shs 100 million in funding each fiscal year to improve household incomes and commercial productivity.