RUKUNGIRI: Minister Jim Muhwezi urges Ugandan youths to tame their bodies from HIV infection


Hon. Maj. Gen. Jim Katugugu Muhwezi, the Minister of Security and Member of Parliament for Rujumbura County, has encouraged Ugandans, particularly parents, to have sex chats with their children as a means of preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS among young people.

Minister Muhwezi made the appeal on Thursday at the belated 61st Independence Day celebration in Rukungiri at the Buyanja Playgrounds in the Buyanja Town Council where Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Nsubuga Bewayo Stephen served as the chief guest on behalf of the minister.

Minister Jim spoke at the event, denouncing the sins that prevent young people from realizing their full potential where he used the example of girls who now sleep with older men, which puts them at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS.

He continued by pleading with parents to teach their children especially girls the value of not having sex in order to lower the danger of getting pregnant at early age.

Minister Jim clarified that parents should teach their children that having sex may lead to diseases like HIV/AIDS, which can be fatal.  He also said that providing counsel to children can help them make sensible decisions in any scenario.

Minister Jim revealed, however, that the rate at which HIV spreads is high, citing as an example the fact that people have refused to use condoms and the reports from last year show that over twenty million condoms were used; this year, however, there are fewer than a million, indicating that people have neglected to use condoms.

Cue in……….RDC ON AIDS………..

He went on to say that since Uganda gained its independence, there shouldn’t be any corruption, insecurity, domestic violence, or poverty, and that everyone should take responsibility for his or her country.

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Ugandans were urged by Rukungiri district chairperson Lc5, Mr. Geofrey Kyomukama, to put in a lot of effort to improve both themselves and the nation as a whole, rather than squandering time on things that will ultimately be fruitless.

According to Mr. Kyomukama, people should cultivate a culture of saving since it will accelerate their development.


He continued by urging individuals to use family planning as it would enable them to have children that they can support and meet all of their fundamental requirements, therefore creating a future generation that is well-prepared.


Deputy CAO Rukungiri district and all technical staff members, chairpersons of all LC3s, and religious leaders were among the dignitaries in attendance at the occasion.

This year’s 61st Independence Day was celebrated under the theme Sustaining a United and Progressive Nation: Taking Charge of Our Future as a Free Nation.