Rukungiri Municipality MP Hon. Dr. Rutahigwa surprises Kafunjo residents with donation of wheelchair to now “disabled” woman


Kyogabirwe Royce and her entire family have a reason to smile after the Rukungiri Municipality legislator Hon. Dr. Elisa Rutahigwa donated to her a wheelchair.

Kyogabirwe, a resident of Rukungiri municipality’s Kafunjo cell, Kanyinya ward, Southern division, has been unable to walk for more than three years due to complications she suffered during her delivery.

The wife of Mr. Ambroz Rwabatabazi, Kyogabirwe, informed our reporter that she has been going through difficult periods in which she is unable to get sunshine or even go outside the house to walk about and do some exercises.

Though Hon. Dr. Elisa Rutahigwa, a member of parliament representing Rukungiri municipality donated a wheelchair yesterday, Kyogabirwe thanked him for continuing to show his support for his constituents, particularly during difficult times, and urged him to do so throughout his tenure in parliament.

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Speaking at the wheelchair donation ceremony, Dr. Elisa Rutahigwa said that he was worried about the patient when she visited a few months prior and discovered that she was stuck in her home, making it difficult for her family to care for her due to her incapacity.

Hon. Rutahigwa continued by saying that he then purchased a wheelchair via Rukobarwomunda for Community Mobilization and Development (RUCOMODE), his community-based organization, in order to assist Kyogabirwe, who is now handicapped for the better health of the entire family.

He went on to say that he is taking this action in order to keep his word during the general elections in 2021, having promised to provide social services to his constituents and to stand by them through good times and bad.

In the meanwhile, the legislator assured the people of Rukungiri Municipality that he is prepared to continue assisting and bring social services closer to them. He did this by referencing the District General Hospital as an example, and he also committed to following up with other district and municipal leaders for more services.


Some of the residents who attended the event, including Twesigye James, Karuhanga Peter, and Kikabafunza Rossette, praised their legislator for the excellent work he has done in his constituency and said he should be given another term to continue improving Rukungiri municipality.

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Dr. Rutahigwa won the Rukungiri Municipality Parliamentary race on an NRM ticket replacing FDC’s Hon. Mugume Roland Kaginda who served for two terms in Parliament.