UPC Party MPs to rally votes for Dr. Apio in Oyam North by-election


Hon. Jimmy James Micheal Akena Obote, the head of the UPC party, has stated that they will organize all of the UPC party’s members of Parliament to come and support their candidate Dr. Eunice Apio Otuku.

Speaking on June 23, 2023, at Acaba Sub County, Akena stated that the NRM party had brought all of its guns to this by-election in Oyam North, which required a backup plan in the event that the UPC had won this poll.

He claimed that as a party, they are capable of assuming the post and that they have learned that NRM is making every effort to do so; as a result, they are sending representatives.

While addressing the electorate, Dr. Eunice Apio Otuku stated that leaderships need someone.

In order to get the proper person to assist them in the development of Oyam North, she advised the electorate to remain composed and fight for their rights throughout this election.

Additionally, 5O members of the national Unity platform switched to NRM on Friday in response to the positive message and intentions that the party had shared with them.

When the NUP party first arrived, according to Rosemary Senide, many young people went after it without knowing where they were heading. However, after they realized they had gone in the wrong direction, they began returning to the party.

When contacted, Mike Adonyo, a representative for the NUP party, denied that some NUP followers had defected to the NRM, stating that there were procedures in place, such as returning party cards to the party.

He claimed that the NRM party consistently engages in this propaganda throughout all by-elections as a means of capturing voters’ attention and enlisting their support for vote-rigging.

Because they changed how the Oyam North By-election was conducted, Adonyo said that things would not proceed as usual this time.

NRM Sammuel Engola, UPC Dr. Eunice Apio Otuku, Newton Freddy Okello, and NUP Daniel Okello are the four candidates seeking for votes in the Oyam North By-election.