WATER SCARCITY! Rukungiri Woman MP donates another 10,000 liter-Water tank to Buyanja residents


The residents of Rwenshekye village in Rubanga Parish Buyanja Sub County Rukungiri district have received a ten thousand capacity water tank as a donation from Hon. Midius Natukunda Kaharata, the Rukungiri Woman Member of Parliament.

The contribution is a component of Hon. Natukunda Midius Kaharata’s endeavor to resolve the issue plaguing the Rukungiri district’s water and sanitation industry.

According to Hon. Natukunda Midius, since the residents of Rwenshekye Cell are hilly and have to travel great distances to find water in valleys, she made the decision to give them the storage tank, which was positioned at Rwesheshe market, to help them store water, stating that water is essential for life.

Natukunda went on to claim that she is honoring her promise to fight for improved services for her people in the general elections in 2021.


At the handover ceremony, Buyanja Sub County Chairperson LC3 Mr. Agaba Emmy Rubondo stated that the government had promised to provide piped water from the Kahengye Water project, but this was in vain, adding that Rubanga Parish faces a challenge of water scarcity due to its hilly location.

Agaba did, however, commend Hon. Midius Kaharata, the woman Member of Parliament for Rukungiri district, for considering her people and providing a 10,000-liter water tank as a backup plan to help the locals survive.


Agaba Emmy Rubondo continued by urging the recipients to establish a committee to take care of the donated tank so that it can continue to exist for a long time with the assistance of the local council leadership.


The area chairperson LC1 Rwenshekye cell, Mrs. Lillian Rugonde, thanked Hon. Midius Kaharata for her kind donation and pledged to maintain the tank’s functionality.

Rugonde detailed their exhausting experience of walking great distances to find water, particularly in valleys.

Cue in………LC1 CHAIRPERSON……….

Residents who spoke with our reporter, especially women and children, commended their Woman member of parliament, Hon. Natukunda, for taking them into consideration and said that they could now have water directly at their doorstep and that they no longer needed to travel far to get it.