AMOLATAR: Dr. Atim Apea urges residents to embrace growing cashew nuts


Hon. Dr. Agnes Atim Apea, a member of parliament from Amolatar, has urged the neighborhood to support cashew nut farming in order to raise household income and raise the community’s level of living.

Dr. Atim stated that agriculture is the backbone of the nation and one of the economic activities that can provide income to various households in a message broadcast by Sam Ongica on Tuesday this week at Amolatar Town Council.

However, there is one issue: the majority of the community in Lango has a negative attitude towards agriculture.

In contrast to cotton, which many farmers have been relying on as their cash crops, she said that producing crops like cashew nuts and coffee will help the community become self-sufficient since they have an open and available market both inside and outside the nation, and the demand for the product is great.

According to Apea, the Ugandan government has implemented a number of initiatives to encourage agricultural operations. Citing the Parish development model, Apea suggested that farmers use money as starter capital to transition from subsistence farming to commercial farming.

Sam Ongica urged individuals in the neighborhood who have not yet started a garden to go quickly through the process, and those who have gardens ready to go and take seeds from the nursery bed.

According to a poll conducted by this magazine, 80% of PDM recipients have chosen to plant maize. Most experts have voiced concern that the market price may decline and farmers may find it difficult to repay the loan.

Santos Olade, the assistant district commercial officer for Lira, is one of the experts who claims that even those who have asked for money for cattle have switched back to producing maize because they feel the market would most likely be unprofitable because the supply will outweigh the demand.