JUST IN! Rukungiri DPC SSP Musa Tibakirana transferred


The Inspector General of Police John Martins Okoth Ochola has deployed the Rukungiri District Police Commander Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Musa Tibakirana to Arua City.

 The IGP in his message says the transfer takes an immediate effect.

Now according to the message, SSP Musa Tibakirana will be replaced by SSP. Bwambale Emmanuel from Mbarara City as the overall commander in Rukungiri district.


SSP. Musa Tibakira’s transfer comes just days after he was promoted from the Rank of Superintendent of Police (SP) to Senior Superintendent OF Police (SSP) by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

“Its true I has been transferred to head Arua City with Immediate effect,” SSP. Musa Tibakirana confirmed to this website his abrupt transfer.

He served in Rukungiri for over two years and he was replacing SP. Kintu Henry by then, before he was promoted to the rank of SSP.

SSP. Tibakirana served as the OC Kisubi police station, DPC for Kiruhura district, Fort portal, Kyegegwa, then to Rukungiri district and finally appointed as DPC Arua City.

Tibakira claimed that the Rukungiri district had a favorable atmosphere where residents were willing to assist with his officers in the new area of operation in the fight against criminalities.

In October 2021, when SSP. Tibakira was still in Rukungiri, a group of armed robbers assaulted the town and fled with millions of money from the For God Electronics shop along Rubabo road.

After the incident, SSP. Tibakirana commanded a group of officers to Nyakibale, where they set up camp.

Thirty minutes later, one of the suspects was captured in possession of a gun that had recently shot at two persons.

Sadly, the two gunshot victims both passed away, but the community and authorities have proof of the sacrifice made by the police to keep them safe.


Panga-wielding attackers also attacked and injured a Red Cross employee that same night, nearly amputating his arm.

SSP. Tibakirana commanded a team of officers who set up a roadblock at the Kahengye bridge, which connects Rukungiri to the Ntungamo area, and were able to capture the suspect along with a panga and four phones, one of which was taken from the victim.