Kabale Deputy RDC wins National citizen integrity award


Action Aid International honored Kabale Ronald Bakak, the Deputy Resident District Commissioner, on Tuesday, July 11, 2023.

Bakak was nominated by Xavier Ejoyi, the executive director of Action Aid International, who presided over the ceremony and oversaw the awarding of the prizes, for the outstanding service he has already provided to the Kabale district by establishing an open door policy in his office over the short time he has been there and will continue to do so as the Deputy Resident District Commissioner for Kabale in 2022.

Other suggestions include being consistently on duty and doing well, avoiding corruption, being a good person at heart, and welcoming individuals from various backgrounds.

Additionally, Bakak was recognized for his outstanding performance in a number of assignments, including leading a committee to look into disputes at the Kabale Central Market where leaders had given themselves lockups.

People trusted Bakak to serve in this capacity, as well as for supporting advancements, religious work, and other endeavors that ensured the provision of services.

In a phone chat with our reporter, Bakak said that being one of the 15 recipients of the National Citizen Integrity Award was a historic day in his life and that he would work hard to fulfill his promise to provide patriotic services.

This award is given to individuals who have been nominated by citizens and are then vetted by action aid worldwide.

This year, 664 individuals were nominated, but only 15 individuals received awards, including Prof. Balunwa as the overall winner.