Lira city to deploy security in Disco halls to limit student’s attendance


Enock Wandera, the deputy resident city commission in-charge of Lira City West Division, stated that the security is extremely prepared to manage students who attempt to enter disco or other forbidden locations in an acceptable manner.

At his office in Lira City West on Friday, he was speaking to the media when he said that the children’s job was to go to school and participate in the activities rather than loitering in the street.

“We are stationing security officers in every disco in the city. Students must remain in class. What will they be doing at the disco halls rather than remaining at school, going to classes, and participating in other school activities? said Wandera.

He advised parents, who could not pay the whole amount of tuition, to negotiate an installment payment plan with the school administration and suggest that they comply with the parents’ request.

He suggested that parents who are having trouble paying for private schools use the government-run facilities instead because the government has implemented universal education in all elementary and secondary schools across the nation.

He mentioned how the government builds seed schools in each Sub County and Division, and those Sub Counties without them should send their residents to the nearby, less expensive school.

“Parents should speak with the school administration and explain the challenges they are facing, and school administration should also understand the challenges that parents are facing. If this doesn’t work, please take your children to government schools where school fees have already been paid for; there are seed schools in every Sub County with enough teachers, and government has also increased their salaries.” Added Wandera

He commended the Lira Town College administration for the advancement they had made by building the barrier, which had limited the number of school-going pupils’ outings.

The head teacher at Lira Town College, Madam Sophie Rose Acen, stated that despite this, student attendance is still quite low.

She blamed low parental income for this. Even when there are difficulties with paying fees, she continued, parents should send their kids back to school.

She claimed that since they installed a fence, the student’s discipline, which they had previously questioned, has improved, and they are now making a greater effort to uphold the conduct.

“As a school, we still struggle with student attendance, and paying for school expenses is an issue we face. Students come, but I believe parents are typically low-income. People have been criticizing our students’ behaviour, but because to the changes we have made, we are already witnessing improvements in our children’ behavior and discipline. Stated Acen