Minister Lumumba orders UBOS to sensitize the community on the fourth coming census


Justine Kasule Lumumba the minister for general duty has directed Uganda Bureau of statistics to offer maximum education on the census so that people can understand the criteria that shall be used in 2023 general population census.

Lumumba made the directive on Thursday 8th/June/2023 during a sustainable development goal stakeholders meeting at Pauline hotel in Lira city.

Lumumba said that the way most people are responding to the result released by UBOS indicates that many have not understood the process hence more education and sensitization are required.

She added that no excuse should be given to the UBOS since the budget that they submitted to help them carry out the census was not deducted hence they should do all the processes that are required to get the accurate information.

She said those once carrying the census should do everything possible to help the government cater for its people. She added that this process is not for political intention and asked the community to embrace it.

This follows a refutation of a report from UBOS that Lango Sub Region is among the poorest sub regions in the country by one Ogema Awany claiming that there is nothing that reflects and back up the report.

Ogema said the rate at which Lira is excelling in business and the rate at which the factories are increasing in the city shows that the people are not poor.

Patrick Ogwang Medmac the former Member of Parliament aspirant for Kioga North and also the Executive director of AFRST a community based organization working in Northern Uganda accused districts of misinforming the government on the challenges facing their communities.

Ogwang cited on the water coverage that he said most of the districts are not giving accurate data while the people in different communities are suffering with no water.

Royal Danish embassy representative said Uganda still lacks behind in carrying out census unlike in developed countries that obtains the accurate information that help them plan for its people.

In an interview with Joy Atim Ongom the former woman MP for Lira said the reputation of the report will affect the development and service delivery to the people of Lango.

She added that the rate of poverty in Lango is alarming, saying the strategy that is used to develop the area is very poor since the number of urban centers are still too low.

The stakeholders meeting brought district chairpersons, CAO and planners from the greater north region which include Lango, Acholi, west Nile and Karamoja sub region.