NSIGA Foundation supports Rukungiri’s Buhunga accident victim confined at Kitagata Hospital


NSIGA Foundation, a non-governmental organization has donated supplies to the family of Arinitwe Pankarasio, who is currently confined to Kitagata Hospital in Sheema district following his involvement in a fatal boda boda accident last year.

The donation was made in response to a story published on “thekigezipost.com.”

A resident of Rwakiriba village in Buhunga Sub County Rukungiri district, Arinitwe Pankarasio, is in his 40s and was engaged in a fatal boda boda accident in February of last year. However, because he does not have the funds for medical care, he is slowly rotting to death.

His wife, Mrs. Kyompire Sofia, claims that following the accident, the patient was rushed to Karoli Lwanga Hospital Nyakibale and then referred to Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital to get treatment in the intensive care unit (ICU) of the hospital for numerous trauma and traumatic head injuries.

Kyompire claims that since then, her husband’s situation hasn’t gotten any better, so they decided to check a different Kitagata hospital.

She continued by saying that their rehabilitation was in vain and that they had overspent on prescription pharmaceuticals, selling their modest plot of land and pets to fund the costs.

Kyompire claims that she is at a loss for what to feed her husband a nutritious meal or even to get him medication.

However, the NSIGA Foundation, a non-governmental organization, stepped in yesterday, March 2, 2024, and extended its charitable hand to the family of the accident victim in response to the heartbreaking tale that made headlines across social media.


In addition to other items, the NSIGA Foundation donated drinks, sugar, bed sheets, boxes of soap, pampers and liquid cash among others to help the family during this difficult time.

While handing over the donation to Pankarasio’s family, Faith Komugisha, one of the staff to NSIGA Foundation disclosed that the organization is situated in Bwambara Sub County in Rukungiri district and was established to provide assistance to those in need, such as widows, orphans, patients, especially those suffering from HIV/AIDS and cancer.

Komugisha continued, expressing concern over the news published by thekigezipost.com about Arinitwe Pankarasio, who is dying of a lack of medical finances, and the necessity for them to step in.

She comforted the patient’s family because they are hoping that he may recover at least with the help they are receiving.

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The founder of the NSIGA Foundation, Mr. Emmanuel Nsiga, explained that after reading the patient’s story, their charity organization assembled a few resources to check on the patient and offer him hope that he will recover.

According to NSIGA, they also spoke with the caregivers about the patient’s injury and their current situation. They also think that because the patient’s tale is becoming widely known, more individuals will come forward to provide assistance.

He stated on behalf of the Nsiga Foundation that they have done everything they can and have not ceased making donations, adding that they will continue to monitor the patient and provide assistance as needed.

Nsiga revealed that their goals are to end poverty and enhance the welfare of the weaker segments of society.

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The patient’s wife, Kyompire Sophia, praised the NSIGA Foundation for the generous donation and the helping hand, stating that they are having difficulty giving care that will let the husband live again.

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Any other well-wisher can support the family via telephone number 0764352072 in the names of Kobusingye Kerodonia.


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