NWSC reassures Rukungiri residents to improve water supply after MD’s visit


National Water and Sewerage Corporation has stated its intention to petition the Ministry of Water and Environment to summon Vambeco Company, the Contractors of Kahengye Gravity Water Supply, to correct the existing deficiencies.

This was reported yesterday, Thursday, June 8, 2023, by National Water and Sewerage Corporation Director Regional Operations, Engineer Okora Noni Edmond, after a 2-day inspection indicated inadequate water flow as a result of pressure loss caused by snags.

Edmond stated that on Friday, June 2, 2023, the National Water and Sewerage Corporation Executive Director Engineer Silver Mugisha visited the Rukungiri Branch to assess service delivery and discovered a challenge of insufficient water supply within the Rukungiri district, prompting him to issue a directive for an immediate inspection of the Kahengye water project to solve the problem.

He also stated that they are aware of the inconveniences and urged their clients to be patient, underlining the need of resolving the issues by November 2023.

Cue in………ENGINEER………..

Kiyimba Charles, Senior Manager Static Plant, stated that the current flaws and snags in construction are routine, saying that they have witnessed them and are ready to engage the Ministry of Water and Environment to remedy them before November 2023.

Mrs. Amumpaire Babrah, Manager National Water and Sewerage Corporation Rukungiri Branch, commended their clients for paying their bills on time despite the inconveniences and urged them to use the few available well, revealing that they received Kahengye Gravity Water despite challenges known to the head office and yet to be resolved.

She further stated that the Uganda National Roads Authority turned off several water lines on the Rukungiri-Kanungu road, which is being constructed by CHICO, resulting in a limited availability of water in Rukungiri town and adjacent locations.

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