One Million T-shirts to be produced for MK’s visit in Teso


Hundreds of MK supporters are currently gathered at Soroti hotel to launch the movement of General Muhoozi Kainerugaba. 

The selection was done at the district level up to the region.

 With the thyme “Teso for MK, Celebrating peace and stability”, over one million T-shirts will be produced for General Muhoozi’s visit.

The Mk slogans like; MK Agojie (a West African word selected by General Mk-meaning worior, MK guards, MK army etc are being championed in Teso now.

The deputy region coordinator for the MK army Hon. Patrick Ediangu said they are determined to work as a team.

“Mk is our next president fpr 2026 and there’s no dought here” Ediangu who is also the soroti county MP noted.

“I am proud to associate with General Muhoozi as my Next president” Hon Peter Ogwang the state Minister for Education and sports in Museveni’s government said.

“Sometimes I laugh at people abusing president Museveni and Mama Janet but they don’t know that the two are equals to General Muhoozi Kainerugaba” Ogwang stated.

Ogwang said that the plain has taken off and they know when it will land.

He added that, he fought a lot of wars and most importantly, he helped Teso come out of the camps.

Muhoozi will be visiting Teso sub region in mid-August this year in Soroti City.