Otuke East MP Julius Acon builds Awake Yahweh Pentacostal mission


On a momentous occasion at the Awake Pentecostal Church in Orum Assembly, Otuke district, Yahweh Pentecostal Mission Bishop Joel Makalu revealed a noteworthy accomplishment for the organization’s religious community.

Presently, Yahweh Pentecostal Mission has an amazing congregation of over 300,000 committed Christians and a network of 1,029 churches located throughout the Lango Sub-region.

Julius Acon, the Member of Parliament for Otuke East, kindly donated a recently constructed church, to which the unveiling took place during the inauguration event.

This gift, which is estimated to be worth 700 million, represents a pivotal moment in the Awake community’s spiritual development and a new phase of their shared religion.

In his lecture, Bishop Joel Makalu emphasized the Church’s critical role as a catalyst for comprehensive change that includes social, economic, and spiritual aspects.

In order to address the requirements of the expanding Christian population, he underlined the significance of cooperative efforts between governmental and spiritual authorities to encourage the construction of more churches.

Additionally, Mukalo requested that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni provide pardons to a number of Yahweh Pentacostal Mission Christians who had been imprisoned as a result of disputes with PAG Uganda.

Mukalo went on to say that they will collaborate with the government to boost development as part of Yahweh Pentacostal Mission.

In the 2026 election, he mobilized the people of the Lango Sub-region and surrounding areas to support President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

The owner’s guest, Grace Freedom Kwiyucwiny, State Minister for Northern Uganda, spoke on behalf of the President and praised Hon. Julius Acon’s generosity to the Otuke people.

In line with the idea of promoting harmony and communal growth, she called on political leaders to participate in altruistic deeds.

Additionally, Kwiyacwiny urged people to support government initiatives aimed at reducing poverty, including PDM, YLP, and UWEP.

According to Kwiyacwiny, these government initiatives are meant to reshape society by moving households out of the hand-to-mouth economy.

She then asked leaders to persuade people to participate.

Hon. Julius Acon pledged to continue helping the community and reaffirmed his commitment in response to the outpouring of support.

He stated that he was prepared to boost agricultural efforts as the farming season approached, providing hand hoes to households in order to lessen the likelihood of starvation and poverty in the Otuke East areas.

The Yahweh Pentecostal Mission members acknowledged the enormous challenge of financing a church of this day and thanked Hon. Julius Acon for his steadfast support.

Senior presidential advisor Sam Engola, who has also succeeded in erecting 49 churches throughout Asia, has appealed for harmony, love, and peace among Christians.

He credited church leaders’ combined efforts for the current state of harmony between Yahweh Pentacostal Mission and PAG Uganda.

Merry Akello, a member of the Awake Church, lauded the MP’s contributions, highlighting the newfound ability to host church gatherings and weddings peacefully within the new structure.