POPULATION CENSUS: Rukungiri RDC Nsubuga Bewayo counted, urges people to embrace exercise


Today, Nsubuga Bewayo Stephen, the Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner (RDC), affirmed that he took part in the on-going population census process and was counted in full.

After obtaining numerator and chairperson LC1 from his residence in Eastern Division Rukungiri Municipality, RDC Bewayo spoke with our reporter and verified that he addressed all inquiries and the exercise proceeded smoothly.

In his capacity as Rukungiri’s Resident District Commissioner (RDC), he encouraged the public to take part in the on-going population census, which officially began on today Friday.

According to RDC Bewayo, the census is an essential process that is highly significant for both the community and the country.

He continued by saying that population census aid in efficient distribution of resources, offer perceptions for development and policy strategies, support the assessment of socioeconomic status and the implementation of programs aimed at reducing poverty, and facilitate the understanding of demographic trends and future planning.

RDC Bewayo went on to say that taking part in the census is not just a civic obligation but also a way for individuals to advance their district and nation.

Nonetheless, in order to guarantee a successful and profitable census exercise, he urged everyone to fully participate with the census enumerators and offer accurate information.