RUKUNGIRI: Bishop Onesimus tasks Christians in North Kigezi diocese to buy cars for their archdeacons


North Kigezi diocesan Bishop Onesimus Asiimwe has urged Christians in the diocese to acquire Archdeaconry cars to assist their archdeacons in carrying out their duties more efficiently.

He made these statements yesterday at Ndere church of Uganda in Kashenyi archdeaconry, Ruhinda Sub County, where he confirmed 63 Christians into their religion.

The bishop emphasized that it is not acceptable to see Archdeacons riding motorbikes while they travel to serve their Christians, and he urged all Archdeaconries to collaborate and fulfill their obligations if they want men of God to serve them well.

According to the Bishop, the car may be held by the Archdeaconry or granted to the Archdeacon based on the Christians’ desire and willingness.

He praised the wonderful job that the Ndere Church of Uganda is doing in terms of church expansion and coffee growing, and he asked them to work with their new Reverend, who was just placed to their church, to ensure the church’s development continuation.

Bishop Asiimwe praised the efforts of Boaz Kansiime Matita, who roofed Uganda’s Ndere church, which is currently under construction.

Richard Magezi, the Ndere Church of Uganda’s head of laity, stated that the church is working hard to construct their church, despite certain problems such as a lack of access road to their church, which they are working relentlessly to resolve.

He also stated that they are prepared to use their land by planting additional coffee in order to increase church income.

Rev James Mbabazi Nahabwe, who has spent two weeks at the Ndere church of Uganda, has stated that he is willing to collaborate with Christians to further the growth of the Ndere church of Uganda.

He urged newly confirmed Christians to pray and attend church often if they wanted to be good Christians.