RUKUNGIRI: Buyanja’s Katojo residents engage in communal work to clean spring water well lobbied by Hon. Busingye Doreen


Residents of Katojo cell in Katojo ward Buyanja town council in Rukungiri district have engaged in communal work cleaning the spring water well after learning that Hon. Busingye Doreen, the one who lobbied for it, wants to pay a courtesy visit in their area.

In order to lessen the problem of water shortage in the area, Hon. Doreen lobbied spring water well from American Embassy in 2005.

The spring water well provides services to many members of Buyanja town council, including students at Katojo Primary and Secondary Schools, members of the Katojo Church, and town residents.

Yesterday Monday, April 29, 2024, however, people started cleaning their spring water well as they awaited the disclosure of additional issues that concern them as residents, having learned that Hon. Busingye wishes to pay a courtesy visit to the area.

Speaking with our reporter while working together, Denies Buhooro and Kiconco Emily, members of the LC1 committee for Katojo cell, expressed their gratitude to Hon. Doreen Busingye Muheru for her significant contribution to the development of their community.

They stated that, by that time, they were facing a problem with lack of safe and clean water, but that issue was resolved as a result of her lobbying efforts and the construction of a spring in the area.

Since its construction, leaders said that many have benefited from it, including churches and schools, as it provides the sole water supply in the event that the National Water and Sewerage Corporation is unavailable.

As the sole spring water well in the area that offers pure and safe water, local leaders urged people to continue conserving and safeguarding their spring.

Cue in……………AREA LEADERS………………

Some of the locals, including Florence Busingye, Munanura Lawrence, Mugisha Sudaisi, and Kyomuhendo Judith, thanked Hon. Doreen for considering them back by then.

Before the spring was built, residents say that they used to drink contaminated water that led to water-borne illnesses, but they haven’t had any of those illnesses since this was built.

However, since Hon. Doreen Busingye Muheru is seeking a parliamentary seat for Rubabo County in Rukungiri district, Katojo residents pledged to support her come 2026 general elections.

Cue in…………..KATOJO RESIDENTS……………….