RUKUNGIRI: Joy, excitement as Archdeacon Kashenyi Archdeaconry receives vehicle


In an effort to make their archdeacon’s job easier while carrying out God’s ministry in his area of jurisdiction, the Christians of Kashenyi Archdeaconry in Ruhinda Sub County Rukungiri district have organized a fundraising event, raised money, and purchased a vehicle for him.

Yesterday, Sunday, December 24, 2023, at Emmanuel Cathedral Kinyasano, the Bishop of North Kigezi Diocese, Rt. Rev. Onesimus Asiimwe, officially handed over the vehicle Reg. No. UBP 848W worth Ugx. 35.5M to Can. Ven. Busingye James, the Archdeacon Kashenyi Archdeaconry.

The bishop emphasized that it is not acceptable to see Archdeacons riding motorbikes while they travel to serve their Christians, and he urged all Archdeaconries to collaborate and fulfill their obligations if they want men of God to serve them well.

According to the Bishop, the car may be held by the Archdeaconry or granted to the Archdeacon based on the Christians’ desire and willingness.

As he gave the car to Ven. Busingye, Bishop Asiimwe said that it is hard for people to serve these days without a vehicle and thanked the Christians of Kashenyi Archdeaconry and other well-wishers for raising money and providing the car to help the Archdeacon in doing God’s work.

As it is his duty as the Bishop of North Kigezi Diocese, Bishop Onesimus continued by urging other archdeaconries who haven’t purchased vehicles for the archdeacons to do the same.

Cue in…………BISHOP ONESMUS…………

According to Can. Ben Turamye, head of development at Kashenyi Archdeaconry, residents of Ruhinda Sub County founded the “ABANYA RUHINDA BA RUJUMBURA DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION” with the slogan “Unity is our strength.” They promote health, education, and all religions, among other things.

Can. Turamye said that the Kashenyi Archdeacon finds it difficult to go to other churches to preach the word of God and to do other archdeaconry tasks, which forces them to generate money and purchase a vehicle him.

He said that they were also reacting to a call from North Kigezi Diocesan Bishop, who stated that each archdeaconry in the diocese need to own a car.

Cue in………CAN TURAMYE…………

Ven. Can. James Busingye, the Archdeacon Kashenyi Archdeaconry, expressed gratitude to the Ruhinda people and his fellow Christians for their unceasing efforts in making the dream come true.