RUKUNGIRI: Kigezi Agricultural College hosts secondary school head teachers, promise their support


The Rukungiri District Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Hajji Masokoyi Wasswa has urged civil servants to avoid having only one source of income but try as much as possible to have other streams of revenue so that at any one point if any of them gets disrupted the others will be pouring in some money.

CAO Masokoyi made the revelation on Friday 22rd September 2023 while speaking to Rukungiri district Secondary schools head teachers who were gathered at Kigezi Agricultural College in Omukatojo cell, Rubanga Parish, Buyanja Sub County Rukungiri district for their beginning of third term meeting.

Speaking during the meeting, CAO Masokoyi urged head teachers and other civil servants to get their selves other sources of revenue or income to avoid dependency on one stream giving an example to engage in commercial production of goods and services.

He revealed that many have lost their jobs that were everything to them and some of those jobs are just never going to come back.

In schools like Kigezi Agricultural College, CAO Masokoyi urged head teachers to encourage students to learn farming skills since doing so will help them compete in the competitive job market of today.

The director of Kigezi Agricultural College Elder Emmanuel Kikoni revealed that the purpose of hosting a meeting of secondary school head teachers from his institution was for them to observe its status and then educate their students on the benefits of agriculture so that they could obtain skills from Kigezi Agricultural College.

Elder Kikoni requested assistance from the government in the form of power, roads, and water in addition to helping him recruit students to his institution so they may learn the information and skills necessary for survival.

Cue in…….KIKONI RR//ENGLI/……….    

On their behalf, Elder Kikoni was praised for the warm welcome by Mrs. Kiyasimire Allen, the head teacher of Kinyasano Girls School and the chairperson for Secondary School Head Teachers in Rukungiri pledging to work hard on promoting the Kigezi Agricultural College so that it would shine.