RUKUNGIRI: Kinyasano Boarding P/S awards best 2023 pupils, Bishop Onesimus urges them to be focused


RUKUNGIRI-Students planning to enroll in secondary schools have been urged to be focused and aware of their family backgrounds in order to succeed both academically and in life.

This was revealed by the North Kigezi Diocesan Bishop Onesimus Asiimwe during awarding of best 2023 PLE performers of Kinyasano Day and Boarding Primary School after making the school shining again.

Located in Western division of Rukungiri Municipality, 131 candidates sat for their 2023 PLE exams whereby 92 passed in division one whereas 29 passed in division two.

Mattresses and academic supplies were given to the top performers who had the backing of their parents.

Bishop Onesimus Asiimwe, who was the chief guest during the function, addressed the congregation and challenged the children planning to enroll in secondary schools to be focused and aware of their family origins in order to succeed both academically and in life.

Bishop Onesimus applauded Kinyasano Boarding Primary School teachers for their excellent efforts in fostering positive student outcomes and urged them to maintain this spirit for the sake of Uganda’s future generation.

Cue in…………BISHOP ON FOCUS………….

Bishop Onesimus went on to say that once pupils enter secondary school, they should uphold the morals they have learned in school and shun demonic forces like homosexuality.


Head teacher of Kinyasano Primary School Mr. Banada Tumushangye disclosed that while the school is doing academically well, there is still a problem with the school’s small number of classrooms.

Tumushangye pledged to maintain the school’s academic success as long as parents and other stakeholders continue to lend their support.