Rukungiri Municipality MP. Hon. Rutahigwa urges residents to embrace titling of their land


Residents of Rukungiri municipality have been urged to embrace securing land titles in a bid to ensure that they add value to land as well as reduce the challenges of land grabbing in near future.

The call was made yesterday by Hon. Dr. Elisa Rutahigwa the Rukungiri municipality area member of Parliament during an exclusive interview with our reporter after commissioning the construction of Kasozi-Kamigo road in Kyarugamba cell, Rwentondo ward Eastern division in Rukungiri municipality.

Speaking with our reporter, Hon. Rutahigwa disclosed that once roads are constructed in such areas, their land becomes more valuable and it becomes good when people secure land titles as  this will spur development and minimize conflicts.

Hon. Rutahigwa continued by thanking the Kasozi village’s citizens for allowing the road’s development, saying it will support the growth of their families and community.

According to him, farmers have been carrying goods like coffee, tomatoes among others on their heads looking for markets due to impassable roads.

“That’s why there was a need to open up this road for the community to get access,” he said.

Hon. Rutahigwa Omuturagye expressed optimism that the road will create employment opportunities for the people, adding that it will enable residents to have easier access to market centers.

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The Eastern Division Chairperson, Mr. David Tumwesigye of LC3, expressed gratitude to the area Member of Parliament, Hon. Dr. Elisa Rutahigwa, for his helping hand in getting Kasozi-Kamigo Road opened as a development for the Rukungiri Municipality’s citizens.

Tumwesigye went on to urge the other Rukungiri municipality citizens to support such initiatives without hesitation since doing so fosters development in such places.

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Both Hon. Kyarisima Sylivia, the area councilor for Rwentondo ward, and Hon. Annah Barekye, the councilor representing women from the southern and eastern divisions of the Rukungiri municipality at the district, told our reporter that they had restless nights because of the Kasozi-Kamigo road, claiming that their people would no longer have to bear as much of the burden of obtaining health centers and transportation of goods, particularly for expectant mothers.


Some of the locals, Turyamuhaki Edward Biretwa and Byaruhanga Johnson, informed our reporter that they used to travel great distances, which was too expensive because there were no nearby roads, particularly when delivering items to market centers.

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Kasozi-Kamigo which is a two kilometer road will now connect residents of Rukungiri municipality particularly from Eastern Division to Buyanja and Kebisoni Sub Counties.