EID-AL-ADHA: Rukungiri RDC urges Muslim parents to educate their children


Parents have been urged to make greater sacrifices for their children’s education if they want to see their families, Muslim community, and Uganda as a whole thrive.

Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Nsubuga Bewayo Stephen made the call today during Eid-Al-Adha prayers at Rukungiri main Mosque in Rukungiri Municipality.

RDC Bewayo believes that education is the only way to a prosperous future because God (Allah) picked it as the sole key to succeed.

He said that Allah had selected education as a divine method for Prophet Muhammad’s followers to succeed both spiritually and materially, and he urged Muslimsto educate their children rather than shutting down fighting as it is in other Muslim countries.


RDC Nsubuga appealed for togetherness and requested individuals in authority to constantly support those in need, especially on important occasions, as this will help them receive Allah’s blessings.

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In his Eid-Al-Adha sermon, Rukungiri district Muslim Khadi Sheikh Abdulmalik Byaruhanga Kayole urges the Muslim community to always give back to Allah by slaughtering animals on Eid-Al-Adha as a form of gratitude.

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Over Ugx. 3.7M was raised during Eid-Al-Adha prayers towards the renovation of Rukungiri’s main Mosque.