Rukungiri’s Ruhinda residents praise Hon. Midius Kaharata for her tireless support, receive 5,000-litre water tank


Following the concerns expressed by the people of Kengooma village, Nyakitabire Parish in Ruhinda Sub County over the lack of clean and safe water in their area, Hon. Midius Natukunda Kaharata, the Woman Member of Parliament for Rukungiri district, donated a 5,000-liter water tank to help the struggling locals.

The water tank, which will benefit the people of Bushongye, Kakuba One, and Kakuba Two villages in the Ruhinda Sub County Rukungiri district, was installed at the Rukarakare Catholic church in Kengooma village.

As water is necessary for life, Hon. Natukunda Midius decided to provide the people of Kengooma a storage tank to assist them preserve water because they reside in a hilly area and had to travel great distances to find it.

Natukunda went on to claim that she is honoring her promise to fight for improved services for her people in the general elections in 2021.

One of the tanks had already been installed at the Bwambara Health Center, Ndere Health Center, Rwabarara, and Bunono Village in Nyarushanje Sub County and was currently being installed at Kengooma village in Ruhinda Sub County, in an effort to reassure the community that more tanks will be placed in areas where water is scarce.


In addition to thanking Hon. Midius Kaharata for her gracious offer, the area chairperson LC1 Turyashemerwa Silvestiri, pledged to maintain the tank’s functionality.

Turyashemerwa described how women and children have been forced to trek for long distances in search of safe drinking water due to acute scarcity adding that since now they have received a water tank from their Woman MP; it will become easier to access water most especially during this rainy season.

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Some of the locals, including Katushabe Rhona, Mugisha Godfrey, and Ahimbisibwe Ruth, expressed gratitude to their Woman lawmaker for showing an interest in their life saying that they had been suffering in silence for lack of support from district officials.

Naturinda Suzan and Kobusingye Joeria, other residents said that their children had skipped school because they had been spending so much time, especially in the morning, trekking great distances to get water.

They linked the ongoing spread of waterborne illnesses including dysentery, typhoid, and diarrhea to the area’s ongoing water shortages, but now that their Woman member of parliament has taken notice of them, this will no longer be the case in their community.

They pledged to keep backing MP Natukunda and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni ahead of the national elections in 2026.

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