Sub County Councilors tasked to fight early marriage communities


In order to improve service delivery in Lira and mainstream gender equality in party politics, councilors from Aromo, Ogur, and Lira city west division successfully completed a two-day course on these topics.

Councilors from the aforementioned Sub Counties from Lira district and Lira city west division attended the session that was held in Lira district health office board room.

The training aims to increase the lower local government councilors’ participation in public statements and service delivery to the people they represent in the community.

As the district leaders, Boniface Okello Omara, the deputy speaker of the Lira district local government, stated during the workshop’s opening on Wednesday, July 5, 2023, they are very happy with the initiative brought in by women in leadership development that has assisted the lower local government councilors to understand the standards in the council.

He continued by saying that following multiple training sessions led by WELDE, it had been very simple for lower local councils to create a budget framework and to decide how to manage the government servants, which had helped the neighborhood flourish.

The district is delighted with the initiative introduced to the lower local government, and we have recognized the wonderful work that these people have done.

Okello continued by saying that WELDE should keep giving political leaders tools to help remind them of the don’ts and don’ts of the council, as well as not forgetting to give them knowledge.

The councilor for elders in Ogur Sub County Council, Mrs. Christine Akao, stated that when they asked their sub county chief to speak in the local language, he instead swallowed words that became difficult for them to understand while describing the difficulties that have led to poor performance in the council debate.

Additionally, Mrs. Mary Aol, a different councilor who represents Akor parish in Ogur sub county, disagreed with the fellow, claiming that most of the time when they have an important subject, they are prevented from speaking their own mother tongue, which makes it difficult for them to properly table their issues.

When replying to the complaint, Namagembe Margaret Pauline, the lead facilitator, recommended the councilors to always ask the office of the chief administrative officer to instruct the SACCAO to use the language that can be best understood by everyone so they may present their concerns.

She stated that since it is their right to address the issues in the language they can use more effectively, the council shouldn’t prevent any councilor from discussing in their own tongue.

She urged council members to stay in touch with their constituents so they can gather data that would enable them to take action, whether in council or with the appropriate offices. She tells them not to flee the electorate but to remain with them and give what little they can in the event of any activity.

Jennifer Kagugube, the chairperson of the board of governors for women leadership development (WELDE), urged the leaders to dissuade individuals from negotiating for the marriage of young people in the neighborhood in order to decrease underage marriages as she wrapped up the program.

She continued by saying that instead of taking advantage of their position as honorable, they should guide the neighborhood and direct it to take appropriate action.

The Women Leadership Development (WELDE) project was started last year and is anticipated to operate for three years. It is functioning in the Lira district and some areas of Lira City with the goal of fostering women’s participation in leadership.

The education of girls, the representation of women in leadership, and the development of the debating skills of lower local government councils are the key areas of concentration.