Vegan Village Society Transforms Dietary Habits in Southwestern Uganda


The Vegan Village Society, which was established in Southwestern Uganda, has made substantial contributions to improving the well-being of both people and animals.

This is evident from the recent survey conducted in the Rubanda district, where the organization originated.

Jenesta Kabagambe, the chairperson of a women’s group that receives annual support in the form of vegetables and gardening tools from the Vegan Village Society, reported a significant increase in vegetable consumption in the area. This signifies a departure from the past when meat was considered a prestigious meal. She shared how the support they’ve received over two years has transformed their group’s practices. Previously, they used to pool money monthly for 12 months to purchase a bull for Christmas celebrations. Thanks to the guidance of the Vegan Village Society, they have now adopted healthier ways of preparing vegan meals to replace meat.

Priscilla Banturaki, a 70-year-old individual living with HIV/AIDS, attested to the positive impact of the increased availability of vegetables on her health.

Initially, she believed that eating healthily meant consuming meat, as it is a cultural norm in Africa. However, her perspective changed after attending a church service where the Vegan Village Society conducted a vegan outreach. Priscilla credits her improved health and enhanced immunity to her increased vegetable consumption, and she is now energetic enough to work and support her children’s school fees.

Joseline Kataama, a grocery businesswoman at Muko Weekly Market, also noted a rise in the demand for vegetables and other vegan products since the establishment of the Vegan Village Society. She encourages the organization to consider establishing more Vegan Women’s groups in other areas of Rubanda district to make vegan food options more accessible.

Conversely, Dismus Mubangizi, a meat seller and butcher owner in Rubanda Town Council, revealed that the demand for meat has decreased in recent years due to the animal welfare campaigns led by the Vegan Village Society. These campaigns aim to discourage meat consumption for both health and environmental reasons.

According to Mr. Bob Rumanzi, the founder of the Vegan Village Society, the organization has made significant progress over the past three years in promoting a plant-based lifestyle in Southwestern Uganda. He expressed plans to expand their services to other areas and sustain this initiative for the benefit of nature, people, and animals.