VP Alupo empowers Katakwi farmers with over 400 Hybrid goats in phase two


The Vice President Maj .Rtd Jessica Alupo with State House have on Thursday 23rd May 2024, empowered farmers in Katakwi district with hybrid goats under the State House Poverty Alleviation Programme.

Poverty Alleviation Programme is a government programme aimed at reducing the rate if poverty in the country by providing proper access to food, monetary help and basic essentials to the households and families living below the poverty line.

The 112 beneficiaries of Aketa Model village, Ongongoja Sub-county Usuk County in Katakwi District received 404 goats from Poverty Alleviation Department-State House.

This was 2nd batch following the 1st one of 191 goats to 49 beneficiaries in Feb 27, 2024.

The programme identifies, trains and supplies rural farmers in model parishes and equips them with goats, pigs,sheep and Saccos among others.

The Head of Department madam Joan Kakwenzire in her remarks, put clearly how H.E VP Jessica Alupo guided and welcomed Poverty Alleviation Program to be implemented in Katakwi District and embraced its work which mainly focuses in occupying and doing experiments in small areas of the country, but put abig impact through giving people tangible items which help vulnerable people  to get out of poverty very fast. 

She also thanked Vice President Alupo for choosing and authorising her to come to Aketa Village.” 

SHe said she represents the government which gives authority to procure goats and other animals up to here

She cautioned the beneficiaries not to sale any a government product only to maintain and multiply the goats. 

She encouraged people of Aketa to do pass-on exercise, “when goats produce and multiply, give to your neighbour” she said

Kakwenzire also encouraged Teso to put much emphasis on food security since they have enough land, famine should not be part of us as it used to be taught to then in 1970s. 

She lectured to women how to do Kitchen gardens at home, in order to be able to provide nutritious food to their husbands.

Kakwenzire also introduced her technical team which will come back to train people of Aketa Model village about I.e Hygiene, Home management, body cleanliness, food security, and mantainance of Animals.

H.E the Vice President who doubles a woman member of Parliament for Katakwi District appreciated H.E Museveni for facilitating Poverty Alleviation Programme with resources to give vulnerable households to accumulate household income and get out of poverty. 

In her massage delivered by RDC of Karenga District Filbert Ocailap , VP Alupo encouraged beneficiaries to embrace government programmes by supporting and protecting the inputs. 

She thanked H.E and his NRM government for putting much emphasis on alleviating poverty amongst local people through bringing income generation projects. 

“In Teso without cowdung or a Kraal you are considered a poor person ” said RDC Ocailap.

On top of Aketa Model Village and Arusiaakan model, Angodingond model village in Toroma county will be empowered next.