IS HE AN NRM SUPPORTER? Counsel Isaac Atukunda asks people to elect able leaders regardless of political parties

Counsel Isaac Atukunda addressing Christians at Emmanuel Cathedral Kinyasano

OPINION-The vice chancellor of North Kigezi Diocese, Counsel Isaac Atukunda, who is also running for the chairperson of the NRM in Rukungiri municipality, has urged the people to choose hardworking leaders regardless of their party affiliations.

Counsel Isaac revealed this while launching his projects being done in Rukungiri municipality including boreholes in Eastern, Western and Southern divisions and also speaking to Rukungiri journalists while launching their association.

Counsel Isaac told locals that hardworking leaders should be elected, regardless of their political affiliation like NRM, FDC, or any other rather than those who pursue positions out of a personal desire to deprive people of services.

He disclosed that in order for the community to grow, its members must choose capable leaders who, in terms of fostering development in their particular sectors, genuinely love and care about their community.

Counsel Isaac, however, advised the people of Rukungiri municipality to choose capable and hardworking leaders in the general elections of 2026, leaders who will represent the interests of the people in changing society in terms of progress.