OPINION: Why Minister Jane Ruth Acheng deserves 2026 Woman MP seat for Lira City than Betty Amongi


The 2026 election season is approaching; if you look closely, you can see the plumes of smoke.

In Lira City, things are beginning to take shape, though subtly, among the people’s whispers.

The Woman MP Seat is always hotly contested during elections; the last one resulted in fights, unsightly chaos, serious injuries, and abhorrent lawlessness.

Currently, the seat is held by Jane Ruth Aceng Ocero, the minister of health; BUT however, Betty Amongi, the minister of Gender, Labour, and Social Development, intends to unseat Aceng in order to hide her declining influence in the Oyam district.

But as time passes, several Oyam locals have expressed dissatisfaction with the three years that Betty Amongi, the current MP for Oyam South, has been in office.

It has been a silent period and her incapacity keeps becoming worse every day.

And based on what I’ve observed in the hallways, the majority of Oyam South residents are debating whether to send her back to the House in 2026.

Honestly, anybody who is interested in Aceng’s growth and transformation into a model city would hope for a more elegant, dynamic, approachable, knowledgeable, and people-oriented representative than Minister Jane Ruth Acheng Ocero.

Acheng has demonstrated his worth in several political contexts.

She has led both the administration and the highest levels of local politics.

She understands the underlying issues and overcomes them via, as they say these days, “muntu wa wansi.”

In terms of monitoring and law, Minister Acheng is qualified and her background says it all.

Now, Minister Acheng really checks all the boxes, in contrast to Oyam South MP Betty Amongi, who is mainly absent and seldom speaks about topics pertaining to the constituents she serves.

Minister Acheng has an advantage over her formidable challenger Betty Amongi closer to home. She lives in Lira City and is a reliable local.

Approaching the holidays, so it seems to reason that our delegates will arrive and celebrate with their people.

This might not be feasible for the incumbent Betty Amongi of Oyam South, who is from far Oyam.

She will not be in Lira City among the people as Acheng would have been. She is very aloof.

“The world suffers a lot, not because of the violence of the bad people but the silence of the good people,” said Napoleon Bonaparte.

Therefore, we are not prepared to see “Kazonians” suffer once more at the hands of incompetent leaders who are unable to demonstrate their competence and instead turn to personal grudges against those who are genuinely committed to serving Lira City.

The provision of services is what Minister Acheng Ocero represents, and it is what the people of Lira City mostly desire.

She has demonstrated the ability to raise money, carry out projects, and promote Lira City’s growth, development, and prosperity. It is a well-known truth.

As I wrap up this letter, I’m an autonomous, concerned resident of powerful Lira City.

I hope the best for my people. I desire to see growth blossom forth in the neighborhood.

I hope to witness transformation. I want to see our people (women in particular) skill up in large quantities. It’s my hope that infrastructure will advance.

I want youth and women to be empowered. And Minister Jane Ruth Acheng Ocero is the only one who can lead us to the figurative Promised Land.