JUST IN: Ruhinda Sub County wins hotly contested JIM CUP 2023 in Rukungiri


Ruhinda Sub County emerged victorious in the highly anticipated JIM CUP 2023, a football tournament that brought together all Sub Counties in Rujumbura Constituency Rukungiri district.

Ruhinda emerged victorious after overcoming Bugangari Sub County in a hotly-contested game graced at the Kazindiro play grounds in Bugangari Rukungiri district.

The thrilling match which attracted hundreds of fans ended in a stalemate before Ruhinda cruised through by a score of 4-3 during penalty shootouts.

Hon. Dr. Elisa Rutahigwa who represented Hon. Maj. Gen. Jim Muhwezi the Rujumbura County Member of Parliament and the security minister speaking at full time lauded all the teams that took part in the tournament for exhibiting high levels of discipline and sportsmanship.

Minister Muhwezi was congratulated by Hon. Rutahigwa for his pledge to support sports development in Rujumbura County and the Rukungiri district as a whole.

He said that sports allow people to connect with one another, create new friendships, and fortify ties within the community.

According to Rutahigwa, Minister Jim Muhwezi has already shown his passion for sports by bringing screens to all of Sub County headquarters in the Rujumbura Constituency so that young people may watch football and showcase their skills.

He continued by saying that Muhwezi had shown his desire to develop new talent by providing goal posts in certain areas within the Rujumbura constituency.

Cue in…….HON RUTAHIGWA………..

In closing, Hon. Rutahigwa stated that since the youth and people of Rujumbura are benefiting from the strong governance now in place in Rukungiri, they should support Hon. Jim Muhwezi, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, and the whole NRM in the general elections of 2026.


Ahimbisibwe Dan Bahamire, the Chief organizer of “JIM CUP 2023,” praised Minister Jim Muhwezi for his smart concept to not only facilitate the competition but also find and promote future potential.

Ahimbisibwe pledged to notify Minister Jim so that the youth who took part in “JIM CUP 2023” might not only gain benefits at the constituency level but also at national level in order to ensure their survival.

Cue in…………JIM CUP CORDINATOR…………..

The function was blessed by Mr. KUTEESA Edwin Kaziriri from office of security Minister, Bugangari and Ruhinda Sub Counties leaderships, religious leaders among others.

In the meanwhile, the Jim Cup 2023 got underway at the parish level, including 40 parishes from the Rujumbura Constituency, each of which received a jersey and two balls.

Following parish-level competitions, Ruhinda and Bugangari went through inter-sub-Counties competitions from group A and B respectively.

Ruhinda Sub County became victorious in the Rujumbura JIM CUP 2023, winning the trophy and all players from two teams were awarded with medals.