RUKUNGIRI: Joy as Bwambara’s Rwensigyiro FC champions “Hon. Frank Rukanirwa Cup”


The much awaited FRANK RUKANIRWA CUP, a football competition that brought together many teams in Kikarara Parish, Bwambara Sub County Rukungiri district, has seen Rwensigyiro FC emerge winners.

In a fiercely contested match held at Kikarara Playgrounds in the Bwambara Rukungiri district, Rwensigyiro FC defeated Western Tiger FC.

After an exciting encounter that drew hundreds of spectators, Rwensigyiro FC won handily, 1-0.

The tournament organizer Hon. Arinaitwe Frank Rukanirwa, who plans to run for the Rujumbura County Parliamentary seat in 2026, was the chief guest during the contests.

Speaking to the congregation, Hon. Frank praised all of the participating teams for their excellent sportsmanship and discipline.

According to Hon. Frank, the tournament gives young people the opportunity to capitalize on their skills and uncover hidden talents, hence promoting productivity.

“Am committed to youth empowerment through sports, which not only brings the youth together but also helps them realize their full potential. In today’s world, football is big business and there is money in the game,” Hon. Frank said.

Cue in……….HON FRANK…………

After the game, Hon. James Kaberuka, a counselor for Kikarara Parish, addressed the people and praised them for their dedication to supporting the son of the land, saying that this would usher in a significant transformation in the area.

Kaberuka counseled his people to back their son in 2026 in an attempt to receive social services from the present government, since they gained nothing in more than 30 years.

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The chairperson for sports at Kikarara Parish, Mubangizi Wilson, congratulated Hon. Frank for the fantastic idea and asked him to continue supporting football teams so that their playgrounds are protected and stay operational.


Starting on January 14, 2024, five football teams—Rwensigyiro FC, Western Tiger FC, Garuka, Nyakatembe, and Nyakabungo participated in the competition.