FEAR! Rukungiri municipality residents fume over ‘death trap’ potholes” in town center roads


The deplorable roads in Rukungiri town center have left residents disgruntled this website has learned.

Potholes accumulate water on the already-deteriorating roadways during this rainy season, making the roads practically inaccessible for small cars and boda boda riders.

The republic road from the roundabout on Rukungiri to the Sena Super market, sloping to the tax and Bus Park, Main Street, Rubabo road, and Kinyasano road are among the places in the Rukungiri town center which are in poor state.

Speaking with our reporter, a few of the locals disclosed that previous attempts to repair some areas of the road have not yielded results as the rains wash away the soil.

They held the Rukungiri municipal administration responsible for years of neglect in responding to the people’ complaints.

The issue has gotten worse, according to the residents, because the municipal engineer now only fills soils within portholes that were created on the tarmacked road.

Orikiriza Isaiah a boda boda rider from Chello stage told our reporter that more accidents are being recorded of Boda Boda riders who fall in the potholes that were created by running waters at the side of Kinyasano road.

Another boda boda rider named Oworinawe Aggrey accuses the municipality of neglecting to seal off the large ravines that have been made in the center of roadways.

These now regret why they elected leaders blaming the Rukungiri municipal mayor Mr. Charles Makuru for contributing nothing towards development of their town.


The Rukungiri Municipality Member of Parliament, Hon. Dr. Elisa Rutahigwa Omuturagye who is also the chairperson of the Rukungiri roads committee informed our reporter that CHICO, a company that is working on the Rukungiri-Kanungu-Ishasha road, is scheduled to renovate the aforementioned roads.

The Rukungiri municipality, according to Hon. Rutahigwa, was unable to budget for these roads despite knowing that they will soon be repaired.

He however said that the present rains have made CHICO impeding their ability to work on these roads, and he asked the public to exercise patience until January of next year, when the rains will lessen.

As the situation worsens, Hon. Rutahigwa promised the people of Rukungiri municipality that, as leaders, they will utilize the forthcoming monies from the Uganda Road Fund to rehabilitate these roads while they wait for CHICO.

Cue in………..HON RUTAHIGWA…………

In addition to waiting for CHICO to begin work on it, the bottom portion of Kinyasano Road near the Chello Petro Station will have its tarmac removed and turned into first-class marram, according to Mr. Tagobya Prosper, the deputy town clerk for the Rukungiri municipality.

Residents of Rukungiri were concerned that their municipality, which has been around for over ten years, is not progressing as seen by the tarmacked roads turned into Marram.

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