Rukungiri district and municipal leaders inspect Kahengye Water Project as residents decry water scarcity


Yesterday, Thursday, the Rukungiri district and municipal leadership paid a courtesy visit to Kahengye Water Project in Kebisoni Town council to see the restoration efforts that have been ongoing since the project’s closure around four months ago.

Led by Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Nsubuga Bewayo Stephen, Chairperson LC5 Mr. Geofrey Kyomukama, Mayor Rukungiri municipality His Worship Charles Makuru and Deputy town clerk Mr. Tagobya Prosper among others including water and NWSC officers, among others, they inspected water plant to see its progress.

During monitoring, the Kahengye Water Plant Superintendent, Ahumuza Andrew, reported that during their observation, they encountered a surge vessel issue that served to safeguard pumps, pipes, and other fittings and as a result, they opted to get in touch with senior representatives of the National Water and Sewerage Cooperation to find a different way to obtain water.

Since the surge vessel is not in Uganda and they had to place an order from India, which takes some time, the NWSC chose to install non-return valves in order to address the issue of the residents of Rukungiri not having access to water.

Ahumuza said added that they are also working on intake where there is a water source specifically installing two water pumps where they previously had one, meaning that the population’s access to water will double from what it was prior to a technical issue.

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The district security committee, however, was concerned about the lack of water supply in Rukungiri town and neighborhood, according to Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Nsubuga Bewayo Stephen.

This led them to contact the manager of NWSC, who revealed that the water plant for Kahengye project had issues, but they were taking care of them.

This compelled them to visit and examine the water plant’s operations so that the problems with the insufficient water supply could be resolved as soon as feasible.

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Rukungiri chairperson LC5, Geofrey Kyomukama, stated that they have been reporting Kahengye Water issues to the government and National Water and Sewerage Cooperation until they brought in engineers who are currently taking the necessary steps to ensure that everything is resolved.

Kyomukama gave residents of Rukungiri town and surrounding areas the assurance that Kahengye Water Project issues are being worked on and that everything will be resolved in a fortnight so that people have access to water on a daily basis.

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In July 2016, the Shs44 billion Kahengye water project was commissioned by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and it was contracted to an Indian company, Technofab Engineering Ltd amid hope that it would be completed within one year but the project stalled.

The water project was co-funded by the World Bank and the government to provide safe water in the sub-counties of Kebisoni, Buyanja, Rukungiri municipality, Bugangari and Nyakagyeme all in Rukungiri district and some parts of Ntungamo district.