RUKUNGIRI: Minister Jim Muhwezi, Hon. Midius Natukunda rally Christians to engage in commercial enterprises


To combat poverty in homes locked in subsistence farming, the Minister of Security and Member of Parliament for Rujumbura County, Hon. Maj. Gen. Jim Katugugu Muhwezi, has called for Christians to get involved in income-generating projects.

Minister Jim Muhwezi made the call yesterday Sunday as the chief guest while addressing Christians of Kanyankyende Catholic Church in Bugangari Sub County Rukungiri district while receiving the holy Eucharist.

In a speech to Christians, Minister Jim Muhwezi stated that at least 39% of Ugandan households still rely mostly on subsistence farming to feed their families.

He went on to say that while the Church’s primary duty is to advance spiritual growth, it shouldn’t overlook the needs of people here on Earth.

According to Muhwezi, when people are financially secure, they even contribute to church initiatives that advance the growth of the nation, local communities, and the Kingdom of God.

Minister Jim Muhwezi added that their goal as Rukungiri leaders is to ensure that the district leads the nation in the battle against poverty.

He asked people to express gratitude to the government for maintaining the peace and stability that allow them to engage in activities that advance their own growth.

During the event, Turyakira Angerous, one of coordinators for Minister Jim Muhwezi in Bugangari Sub County, told him that the church did not have a music system valued at Ugx. 4 million, which the minister paid in addition to another Ugx. 4 million to build Mother Mary’s House.

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The woman Member of Parliament for Rukungiri district, Hon. Natukunda Midius Natukunda Kaharata, requested that churches begin income-generating projects instead of relying solely on donations from believers.

Hon. Natukunda continued by advising individuals to start income-generating enterprises at the household level, as this will aid in the fight against poverty.


During the event, Bishop Callistus Rubaramira of Kabale was represented by Rev. Fr. Julius Turyatoranwa, dean of the Nyakibale deanery, who urged Christians to abstain from witchcraft and other associated evils in order to succeed in life and maintain an orderly society.

Fr. Julius invited Ugandans to express gratitude to the NRM governmet for its outstanding work, particularly in preserving the peace, which allows people to attend church and pray without difficulty, in contrast to previous governments.

However, because services are now closer together, he advised Kanyankyende Christians to use the Holy Eucharist they received.

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During the same event, Rev. Fr. Tumwijukye Jeremiah Parish priest from Rwengyiri Parish expressed gratitude to Minister Jim Muhwezi for his dedication and heartfelt giving to the church and other institutions, stating that he has made significant contributions to the parish’s advancements.

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The chairperson Kanyankyende Catholic Church, Kanyarutokye Edward, expressed gratitude to Bishop Callistus Rubaramira for giving them Holy Eucharist and pledged to uphold its intended purposes.