Rukungiri Municipality MP donates 50 bags of cement towards renovation of dilapidated Rukungiri town council P/S


NEWS-Rukungiri Town Council Primary School, which is located in the Eastern Division of Rukungiri Municipality, has reason to celebrate after receiving 50 bags of cement from Hon. Dr. Elisa Rutahigwa, the area legislator, to help with building classroom block.

Since nursery pupils have been studying in a ramshackle wooden building, the school conducted a fundraising event in October of this year to generate money to build a classroom block where they can also have a nice learning environment.

The headmistress of the school, Edith Natweeta, told our reporter that all 100 pupils in the nursery department had to cram themselves into the one remaining wooden classroom block whenever it rained.

According to Natweeta, this circumstance is what spurred the school administration to set up a fundraising event in order to raise money and build a classroom block where Dr. Elisa Rutahigwa was the main guest and completed his vow of fifty bags of cement yesterday Monday.

Cue in………..HEAD TEACHER………..

Speaking during the handover of donated 50 bags of cement, Hon. Dr. Rutahigwa expressed his appreciation for the prompt contribution and expressed worry about the municipality’s government schools using inadequate classrooms.

Hon. Rutahigwa reaffirmed his resolve as a leader to assist in the construction of infrastructure at different schools.

He declared that he intended to keep up his support for raising the bar for education in Rukungiri Municipality.


The contribution from the legislator was praised by Herbert Mugabe, the chairperson of the School Management Committee, and Nyareba Fulugence, the chairperson of the Parent-Teacher Association at Rukungiri Town Council Primary School.

They stressed that the donation will help with building classrooms, reducing traffic, and moving the nursery area from the temporary classrooms for the following term.

Mugabe and Fulugence thanked the legislator for delivering the promised cement on time, acknowledging that other politicians do not follow through on their promises.