RUKUNGIRI MUNICIPALITY’S POTHOLE CRISIS! Residents seek urgent action on dilapidated Rubabo road


NEWS-Rukungiri municipality has been grappling with an escalating problem that has recently become a thorn in the residents’ sides’ potholes.

The worsening pothole crisis in Rukungiri town and the entire municipality has impacted not only the ease of transportation but also the very safety of its residents.

Residents of the municipality are strongly demanding rapid action and upkeep of the failing road infrastructure due to growing worries about car damage and road safety.

The state of affairs has significant effects on the town of Rukungiri’s economic activity as well.

Following the crisis, the Rukungiri Municipality has been criticized by the people of Buhandagazi Cell in Nyabiteete Parish, Buyanja Sub County Rukungiri district for not fixing the crumbling Rubabo road that connects them to Rukungiri town.

Locals, who are frustrated, have seen that drivers are using other routes like Buyanja and Rwenkurijo, which has led to a rise in fees from sh. 3,000 to between sh. 7,000 and sh. 10,000.

Boda boda riders draw attention to the dangerous condition of the Kafunjo Bridge on Rubabo Road, pointing out stones and potholes that might cause it to collapse, particularly after a lot of rain.

It is now difficult to get patients and supplies to Rukungiri town, and leaders have been informed of the problem, but they have not responded.

The locals are prepared to demonstrate if necessary and are pleading with the municipal and district leadership to act quickly to prevent any possible loss of life.

Our reporter attempted to call Hon. Dr. Elisa Rutahigwa, the Member of Parliament for the Rukungiri municipality and head of the district’s roads committee for a comment, but his phones were unanswered.

However, Prosper Tagobya, the Deputy Town Clerk, acknowledges the delay in road renovations due to heavy rains but assures that the road maintenance has commenced.

Tagobya states that funds are available for a comprehensive renovation of all poorly conditioned roads within the municipality.

Last year in December, residents of Rukungiri Municipality were also up in arms with their leaders over the deplorable state of roads.

The residents say that the roads full of neglected potholes and gullies rendered impassable, especially during the rainy season.

They identified some of the worst roads as Republic Road, Rubabo Road, Rwabanyambo Road and Kinyasano Road.

“Instead of rehabilitating the roads, authorities are using soil to cover potholes and when it rains the roads become muddy, impassable and cause accidents,” Mr Isaiah Orikiriza, a Boda Boda rider told our journalist.

Mr Martin Byamukama, a businessman dealing in produce along Republic road noted that the cost of doing business is increasing because of transport costs.

“A distance where we used to spend Shs7000 to transport our goods, we now spend over Shs10,000. We no longer make any profits, it’s very disappointing that our leaders have kept a deaf ear to our cries,” he said.